– EXPORTSGR PC and the Hellenic-Russian chamber


Further to the actions of our company, which aims to the projection and the promotion of our customers and their products abroad, we organize this event regarding the Russian market. Our commitment is that similar events will follow for other countries-targets.

EXPORTSGR PC connects you to Russia through the event «A Trade Road to Russia», which is organized in cooperation with the Hellenic-Russian chamber. The event will take place on 29/7/2017 and 19:00 at the Conference Hall in DIVANI HOTEL, Kalampaka.

The main speaker will be Mrs. Lena Kalinina, BoD Member and Exports Committee Manager.

Thanks to the new Communication and Trade Center, Russia is no longer a distant and debatable market. It’s your hospitable neighborhood!

The Communication and Trade Center has a huge experience of a long-term cooperation not only with retail trade but also with wholesalers. Being familiar with the Greek products and a warm supporter of the Mediterranean way of life and nutrition will help you follow the right steps to Russian market, which asks for innovations.


  • Preparation of the products for the export to Russia
  • Release of a products certification for their import to Russia
  • Transport from Greece to Russia
  • Customs clearance of the products to Greece and Russia
  • The trades’ storage to our warehouses
  • The editing and publication of advertising material
  • The separate products presentations
  • The editing and following up of the whole process up to the signature of the interested
  • The tourist services (pieces of folk art, religion tourism, tourism)
  • Fur exports
  • Heavy industry and other production areas
  • Questions

For the even organization of the event please signify your presence until 26/7/2017.
The participation cost is 20€ per person.
If you wish to participate to the event, please depose the participation cost up to 26/7/2017 to the above account number, mentioning as reason of your deposit, the name of your business and the participants.

Deposit account:
Bank: Εurobank EFG
Account number: 0026.0399.42.0200194886
IBAN: GR9602603990000420200194886

There will be a buffet with coffee and side dishes.

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